How to add and delete contacts in Yahoo?

With more than millions of monthly active users, Yahoo is becoming one of the most widely used and popular webmail portals. It provides many free services to its user such as you can even send messages, share images, videos and much more. It helps us to send free mail to our friends and families. Most of the people used it for their commercial use. With the help of it, users can stay connected with your friends, families or colleagues. It is one of the fastest mail service providers. It uses the latest SSL security standard to secure their user accounts. It offers many amazing features to its users.
One of the great things of Yahoo mail is that you don’t need to keep a record of your contacts in your brain as Yahoo has the ability to save the contacts easily. You can save anything in your Yahoo mail. It makes easy to communicate with anyone but the person must need to have an email account to send or receive messages. You also need an email account to send or receive messages for that you need to create your Yahoo account. Yahoo Contact Number is available for your help.
Procedure to Add and Delete Contacts in Yahoo
Here we are giving you the detailed information, which will guide you to add a new contact in Yahoo contact list and delete unwanted contacts from the list in quick time. You just need to follow the instruction carefully.

Simple Steps to Create a New Contact:

• First, you need to press on the Contacts icon.
• Tap on All Contacts button.
• Select the contacts you want to group together.
• Press Assign Contacts.
• Select a list or create a new contact by typing a name in the "New List" box.
• Press Done.

Simple steps to delete a contact from Yahoo contact list:

• First, you need to press on a contact list.
• Tap on the Actions icon and choose list.
• Select Email which you want to delete from your contact list.
• Tap Delete to confirm. This will delete your contact permanently from your contact list.

After performing these simple steps, you’ll easily add and delete contacts accessing yahoo account. Though it is a very simple process in case you face any problem while adding or deleting contacts from the list then get in touch with helpdesk team just by dialing Yahoo Toll-Free Number if any found on the web.

For More Info go through Our website: Yahoo Customer Service Phone Number

Dial Yahoo Support Toll-free Number

+1-888-815-6317 (USA/CA)
+44-800-051-3717 (United Kingdom)
+61-180-082-5192 (Australia)

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